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August 01 2015

Snack time made healthier by the Excalibur Dehydrator

Today’s American is getting more and more health conscious, what with the latest fitness craze and popular media, the trend is to get healthy by eating healthy and engaging in regular physical activity. One of the waterloos of the health-conscious is snack time. Snacks that are available in popular grocery stores are all high in carbohydrates and sugar and indulging in them means say goodbye to your diet. Healthy snacks, on the other hand, although available in most of today’s markets tend to be a little pricey. So how do you eat healthy and still stay within your budget? A good investment to make in your health is to get yourself an Excalibur Dehydrator. With this kitchen tool, you can make yourself healthy snacks in a way that is economical and at the same time won’t stretch your waistline.

An Excalibur Dehydrator is a machine that allows you to dry fruits, vegetables, and meats by drawing out moisture. By reducing a food’s water content with the Excalibur Dehydrator, you minimize the possibility of bacteria growth thus preserving food and eliminating spoilage. Ideally, you should be drying fruits and vegetables at a temperature of about 130 degrees Fahrenheit. This causes food to release moisture which is then circulated and then eventually blown out of the machine by fans through built in air vents. Dehydrating food prolongs shelf life while at the same time preserving minerals and nutrients that are usually lost when food is cooked.

Excalibur has been making food dehydrators since 1973. It’s not one of the more popular dehydrators on the market because it’s a small company that has, until recently, sold their product direct to their consumers. Today, you can find an Excalibur Dehydrator at a number of retailers including online stores like Amazon. Despite the lack of advertising though, the Excalibur Dehydrator is touted by several sources as one of the best dehydrators on the market.

The Excalibur Dehydrator is different from other food dehydrators most noticeably in it’s appearance. It is a large black box-shaped machine while other manufacturers seem to favor a cylindrical shape. It comes in various sizes featuring 4-tray, 5-tray, and 9-tray models. The Excalibur Dehydrator has a patented horizontal airflow system which circulates air evenly resulting in even drying all over the unit. This means that you don’t have to rearrange trays at intervals to ensure even drying.

Each tray in the Excalibur Dehydrator is made of a polycarbonate material with Polyscreen inserts. This means you have a total of about 15 feet of drying space. It has a thermostat that goes up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit and the horizontal drying system is located at the back of the unit. And since the Excalibur Dehydrator has square trays you can use the entire surface of the trays to dry your food. It’s also built to run for prolonged periods of time with timers that can run up to 26 hours giving your food the day or so it needs to dry completely.

Invest in your health by getting the Excalibur Dehydrator. With all the healthy snacks you’ll be making, you’ll be sure to shed those extra pounds in no time.

June 09 2015

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TDS, June 8, 2015

Jon Stewart and Jessica Williams discuss the police incident at a pool party in McKinney, Texas

June 08 2015




no way this is 6 seconds only

6 seconds of pure beauty

I’m on the verge of crying


Reblog if you’re non binary and dmab so I can follow you. I need more surrounding of others like myself. Bonus points for also being autistic.

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Wishing my legs weren’t jello right now so I could skate another 70 miles. There really is nothing quite like completing a goal and feeling good about yourself.

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More #mckinny comments from one of our new favorite tweeters.

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thats it, thats the show film

The X-files (1998)

June 07 2015

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So I just found out that Laverne Cox has an identical twin brother, who played pre-transition Sophia in OITNB.
I was wondering how they found someone that looked just like her to play the role!
Super cool.

they were discussing Sophia’s back story and she told them “ya know, i have a twin brother.” they asked him to do it and he said yes! :D

fun fact Jenji Kohan told Laverne Cox that they were going to hire somebody to play her pre-transition because they didn’t want to traumatize her or trigger dysphoria by having her pretend to be a man and she was like “no no, I can do this, I’m an actress” but the creators of the show insisted on using her twin brother instead 


Another fun fact: They actually let Laverne do the take as pre-transition Sophia but the creators told her that she was too feminine to play a man.

Another fun fact: her twin brother, M. Lamar, is a brilliant, intellectual, queer, black musician and performer and everyone should check out his work. 



Wow, did not know this

Do your part to save the planet!


Recycle! Kill a police officer! Reduce and Re-use!

Two Medieval Monks Invent Bestiaries



By Mallory Ortberg on The Toast

MONK #1: do birds have meetings
MONK #2: absolutely
they have a Meeting Hat and everything
MONK #1: what do they have meetings about
MONK #2: mostly who gets to wear the meeting hat


MONK #1: do human women sleep in beds or–
MONK #2: no that’s dogs you’re thinking of
MONK #1: right right


MONK #1: what part of the knight do fish go on
MONK #2: the head
MONK #1: thanks
MONK #2: oh absolutely
no problem at all
MONK #1: both lying flatwise across the head, or…?
MONK #2: no one on each side
like ears
MONK #1: ok great


MONK #1: so when a dog and a bird make out
MONK #2: right
MONK #1: it’s usually the bird that’s on top
MONK #2: yeah
MONK #1: great


MONK #1: hey is it owls or people that live in caves and build fires?
MONK #2: owls


MONK #1: hey roughly what size are sparrows
MONK #2: mm
it kind of depends
MONK #1: like
AS big as a tree
or not quite as big as a tree?
MONK #2: oh pretty much the same size as a tree


MONK #1: can cows sail boats?
MONK #2: hahaha no
common misconception
they have to put wheels on the boat and roll it over land


MONK #1: what do birds eat
MONK #2: other birds mostly
MONK #1: like different kinds of birds, or something else
MONK #2: no birds only eat exactly the same kind of birds that they are


MONK #1: what kind of bird tucks people into bed at night
usually I mean
MONK #2: any bird
any kind of walking bird
MONK #1: and when it tucks you in, people usually look…
MONK #2: incredibly worried
it’s incredibly worrying when the bedbird tucks you in


MONK #1: ugh sorry to bother you again
MONK #2: no no its fine
this is what i’m here for
what is it
MONK #1: what part of a goat is a snail again
like the front end or the back end
MONK #2: what part do you feel like should be the snail part
MONK #1: the back part?
MONK #2: you shouldnt doubt yourself
you know more about goats than you give yourself credit for


MONK #1: what usually rides horses
like people or–
MONK #2: fire


Tbh this is the funniest post on this dumb website

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In the past several days all of my trans girl friends have had exponential increases in harassment, weird encounters and attitude towards them. The Caitlyn Jenner thing has triggered public regression to Harry Benjamin Syndrom Standards. This is the pass/no-pass standards of trans femininity.



Caitlyn Jenner’s views are irrelevant to the public reaction to passibility standards that are really unobtainable. People are getting vicious…



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look at this little model

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Happy Pride.


BEST way to celebrate it ;D

Friendship goals.

Get yourself a live in gal pal like this :D


Shout out to all the gorgeous trans girls I know tbh

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for all the shitheads continuing to throw a tantrum over Caitlyn Jenner being called a hero when “soldiers are the real heroes,” lemme throw some numbers at you real quick: during the deadliest war in American history (the Civil War), U.S. soldiers had a 1 in 15 chance of dying [x]. currently, trans women have a 1 in 12 chance of being murdered, or 1 in 8 for trans women of color [x]. it is currently MORE DANGEROUS to be a trans woman in the U.S. than it is to have fought in the deadliest war in our history. let that sink in as you sit the fuck down.

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